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I've always been a night owl. I love being awake when the rest of the world is asleep. It's so restorative for me. Unfortunately, I am married to a man who loves to get up at the butt crack of dawn, and this has been an issue at times. He wants me to hit the sack when he does, and I don't always want to.
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I know what you mean. My ex was the same way. I would want to read or write or go online. At first, I did those things in bed while he would try to catch some sleep. And he suggested this to me.... And then he began to lament "When are you going to turn off the light?" I would reply "a few minutes" at first. A few minutes would turn into an hour. He began to get mad at me so I felt I had to stop and go down stairs to read, write, etc. Then he began to complain that I was yet again not in bed with him when he went to sleep.

It's a tough one. <br />
I'm the night owl and my husband is the early bird. <br />
We have seperate bedrooms and that works much better. <br />
Maybe you could go up with your husband when he goes to bed, it may be he wants the bedtime chat, cuddle etc. <br />
Then leave him to it once he is happily tucked in. <br />
You can find a compromise but it must not be all at your expence.

I use to have the same problem, but i'd go to bed with my (now x) husband then get up after he fell asleep. And no it's not the reason we split. He was an aggressive alcoholic and it was just easier to let him have his own way

I have read about people who sleep in different beds to avoid this very issue.

I don't know if I could hack that. I need a fellow night owl. I love cuddling too much.