Since I Was Young

Ever since I was young. I remember staying up late and watching the night sky.

When I hit my teens, opportunity struck. I was able to sneak out of the house and stay out till the early morning hours.

I've always loved the night time.  I find I'm more productive.

I've had times where I'll be awake during the day and sleep at night, but I'm just more comfortable being awake at night.

Fortunately, I've married another night owl so he doesn't feel like I am neglecting him when I don't sleep next to him (he works during the day currently).

The sun is too bright.
The moon is much more inviting.

It's also a lot easier, a LOT easier to grocery shop in the middle of the night.
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8 Responses Jul 11, 2007

Its easier to drive, also, less traffic. Did the narrow road at the top of the Blue Ridge in the Appalachians this week -- full moon, stars, hardly needed my headlights.

I feel the same way

Theres something about it... a certain stillness, and quiet that you cant have during the day.<br />
I always end up getting like 3 hours of sleep a night, and il be dragging myself through the day... but when the night comes, I get all of this boundless energy, and I feel like doing so much! haha

same here! it doesn't matter how much sleep i had at night, if i make it through the day, and the night comes i get energetic, even if i was a zombie all day !

What do you suppose the energy is? Reactions to the moon? Why so sleepy when dawn cracks. I sleep 1-4 hrs a night leave for work at 5am until past mid week I physically crash upon return from work and sleep all weekend only waking refreshed at midnight. Viciously the cycle continues at the mercy of my will to keep my job...IT SUCKS.

I too am a night owl. Thankfully, my hubby knew this before we married. I started staying up because I was stressed and could not sleep.....and ....played games on my computer. Now, I do it just to relax until I get sleepy. Shopping at night is "the best".

I also like the night. it makes me behave in a different way, and yes, it does make me more productive. however society demands of me to be awake during the day so , well stay awake...much to my own discomfort

i totally agree. the night is the best. its wat i live for. teehee. no- but seriously. the night is when i can think, write, and share my feelings better

I absolutely agree. I only write at night. And I once heard that a lot of authors do their work at night...

I can only write at night, ever since high school!

Nights are way better...more quiet, so alot of productive work can be done.