A Dozen Reasons Why Nighttime Is the Right Time!

Yeah, I fight it...because I have children and a husband.  But it keeps coming back, and I love it.
Night is Right because:
  • It feels like the world is wrapped in velvet.
  • It's quiet.
  • The sun is not burning my skin.
  • The best television is late at night.
  • You have time to enjoy anything you do, because all the interrupters are asleep.
  • It makes the day longer if you have only 24 hours to complete something.  If you work all night, you've doubled your work-time!
  • The moon and stars and Venus...it's like a free planetarium, hee hee...
  • It's romantic.
  • It brings out my creativity.
  • It's cooler.
  • In winter, when it snows at night---that is one of the most magical things in life to witness.
  • There's no such thing as "hectic" at night.
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    3 Responses Aug 11, 2007

    I can relate 110%

    Wrapped in velvet ... no interrupters... cooler at night. I feel like you're not only walking in my shoes but sitting in my chair at my computer, typing exactly what I am feeling. So true, so true. I am a person who seems social but is at her best when she's solitary. Tonight I had dinner with three close friends and came home late to a house of sleeping family members - I need the alone time after socializing because being alone re-energizes me. It sounds sad, but it isn't. I am my own best company

    Night Time is SOOO Beautiful imagine Just Sitting on a Shore =] Listening to the Waves Brush Against the Sand omg! Love it And your Soo Right when you Talk about the Winter its Soo Peaceful =] Ahh im A Night owl As Well ^_^