I can not put myself to sleep even if I wanted to.
I am wide eyed and awake all night. Then morning comes and I turn into a friggin zombie. Slowly getting by. I want to take a nap but the line of work I am in, well I am up my bosse's ***. I am like allergic to caffeine too, due to my ADHD. So when I take caffeine I knock out! So when you see me online ;) say hi there stranger!
wastedglory wastedglory
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I'm a zombie even after a night's sleep. LOL!
Allergic to caffeine? That's hard :-(
Maybe slip a sedative in the boss's coffee. Once he's asleep, you can check out too

hehe... OMG! You are too funny and too much of a Bad influence if you got me giggling and
imagining to do so

I know exactly how you feel because lately it's been dawn before I even close my eyes. I used to be up until 3 or 4 allof the time before but now it's daylight before I can even think about getting to sleep.

:( am sorry... It is the same for me. I hate seeing the sun shining before I may sleep but it is so frustrating tossing and turning before I may knock out too. I have to wait until am exhausted

That would be an interesting coincidence if we happened to be in the same town.

Well Californian here <3 just know you are not alone

We could go looking for women together...haha.

I truly am the perfect wingman ... Ahem... wingwomen... ;) wingperson

You look pretty hot sucking your thumb that's for sure! I'm sorry you're not batting for the other team-respectful, but sorry.

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Whats's up :)

not much ... really bored to death ... nice to get a reply from a stranger , feels nice kinda . :) what's up with you ?

At the moment, I am Stargazing.. ;) I reply anytime if online

alone ?

No, family around and in my face smiling

hahah ...well are you bored enough to have a chat with this stranger ? :P

hehe... Yep... You seem awesome enough to approach on my own

well , what i said chat i meant message lol i do not have the chat thingy on my ep ... :P so check your mailbox :))

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