So it's 3am.. What's keeping everyone up?
akaShaun akaShaun
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urge to kill ?


Different timezones. Not everyone lives in your country, you know.

Idk. . . But i'm here!

Its 8pm where I am

Not in the uk

One donut too many


Exciting staff on the internet. For some kind of the reason it will pop up when you are prepared to go to bed

Crazy schedule, sleep all day, up all night.

Too many deep thoughts to myself


Being ignored by the one I love

This is crazy! I have community service in the morning from 8-5pm which sux but its 2 am and I can't turn off the brain!!

Well. its only midnight here sir. XD

but.... this app....

it really shouldnt be but it is.......

meeting amazing poeple ^^

my laptop


Its 3am where I'm at too!

That '70's Show.

the chair-back

Lol why's that? Is it squeaky?

without it I'd fall over :)


pepsi and hotel hell episodes, real estate thoughts, salad, and skittles

Lol damn

Question, why is gordan ramsy checking out hotels now? Isn't he a chef? Or is he a part time hotel manager?

what is sleep? lol, it's 2am here

here 2

Bad dreams

My brain won't shut up.. who needs sleep right? xD