With the night comes the personal freedom to simply be. To do so as I please, without the weight of insecurity dragging me down. The lighting is calming. It's not as intrusive as the daylight. A zen like sense of neutrality ensues, when under the guidance and wisdom of a sky teaming with brilliant glowing sprites. With the sun comes waves of anxiety. Rifts of acute hysteria. The thought of being seen, observed, and scrutinized invites catatonia. Internally, the may lay is catastrophic. All goes vertigo. There is a refuge within the cool indifference of the night.

I also enjoy keeping my eyes peeled for the paranormal. Everything seems so much more interesting and characteristic when Sun's down. Dark Characters scream from all points of direction, pleading to be heard and understood. I accept their invitations.
s0undgarden s0undgarden
18-21, M
Aug 17, 2014