Which is usually great for me. For some reason I can't settle and enjoy the night. Or morning now I guess. Anyone want to chat?
Handyman25 Handyman25
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 17, 2014

Yep, I'd luv to...I used to be d same..did my best work in nyt..went they a restless phase n now I just drop dead...which I don't like...

I never have a problem staying awake to do whatever I need to, but once im done, its pretty much crashville. When that happens I can sleep anywhere from 1-12 hours.

Lucky u...these days nothing's as important as sleep for meπŸ˜‹. I need a minimum of 8-12 hrs slp to be hpy n function properly...

So what's with d handyman? Is it what u do ? Or u just like to think of yourself as handy?

Lol im just good with my hands. Ive done some wood working, small electronics repairs, some small construction, all just stuff that I like to help with. How about yours?

I'm good with my hands too😜. Hairstylist..lots of gardening. Sum wood wrk, painting old furniture, patch wrk quilting n d likes

Lol, I meant your name?

U really don't want to know..


Titijam? Like toejam, but with boobs?


Titi= a willy...

Jam as in jammin

Lol why wouldnt I want to know that? It made me laugh. Very little truly offends me.

U r 25 yrs old? I come from a very conservative bk ground...I'm 42 n shouldn't be talking about this stuff with u..

Yes 25. Thats up to you I guess, but I like talking to anyone who is interesting or at least amusing. If you have a different viewpoint than my own, im happy to learn about it.

Where I come from/ or maybe I should say d wAy I've bn brought up, there's a limit to d conversation we r allowed to hv within d bounds of decency. U r young enough to be my son so,, I shouldn't be talking any **** or crude stuff with u..

Lol I understand. Besides im rude, crude and socially unacceptable enough for 5 people.

Really? They've told u that? They r probably too tyt assed..u seem ok..so far...πŸ˜…

Lol I dont hang around uptight people anymore. They are no fun.

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