and "suffer" from delayed sleep phase disorder to be specific.

I've been this way ever since I was a little kid. Whereas most kids fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow, I'd lay awake for an hour or more most nights. I also rarely ever fell asleep during car rides as some kids can.

After doing some research and seeing a psychologist (for other reasons, but this was discussed,) it turns out I have delayed sleep phase disorder.

Essentially, my circadian rhythms are off by about 4 hours. Contrary to belief of a lot of people in my life who refuse to believe otherwise, I don't really sleep MORE than a normal person, I just sleep different hours.

When I was working the night shift, this worked out. I only ever slept the 8 hours recommended, but for me, it was generally from 3-4am to 11am-noon. Eventually, I was promoted to a day shift position and have struggled greatly to adjust. Around the time I should be going to be (10-11pm,) I feel the most energized I feel all day. It's often not until 1-2am that I fully "wind down" and am able to fall asleep, getting only 5-6 hours.

Unfortunately, there is no real "cure" other than to try to force yourself to go to bed earlier.
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I get this too! Sucks that there's not 'cure' but to be honest I'm having a good night :)

5am here, hello : >