Watching movies , playing games. Bored let's talk
FlyMeToTheMoon708 FlyMeToTheMoon708
22-25, F
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Great name ! Instantly Brazilian jazz start playing in my head astrud gilberto fly me to the moon to be exact.

hey :)

What games? Got ESO?

hey, how u doing ?

Hi I'm fine how are you

i'm alright, u wanna go private ?


How bored are you?

Wellll not so much now I'm watching movies

Hi. :) It's 11:16 p.m. where I am, and I just woke up. Probably going to eat and play games in a bit. How are you?

It's 11:22pm here lol I'm fine watching movies eating pop corn

I'm so bored I'm on here to see whats going on

Yep me too

lol :)

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