At 2am I went for a walk in the rain because I couldn't sleep and this creepy man came up to me and asked if I wanted candy. Did he think I was 8 or is he just that stupid?
Of corse I'm not going to want ******* candy from a sketchy man in the dead of night. Bruh
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lol that is weird

That's scary

Wait, You said no ... to lollies.


Where did you see him? I could go for some candy right about now :-D

I have been out in the early hours of the night I had post natal depression and was walking round like a zombie not sleeping eating once I went down a dark cycle track Nd got scared so I ran for my life it felt like I was having a nightmare but worse cos I was wide awake with insomnia :(

What an idiot. Maybe he saw a movie before he asked you.