I can stay up all night because i feel that i am more productive at night, it's a strange concept on my family.
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Who's still up!!?!

Ah man! Even i feel the same some times

I am just listening to a song on youtube and the line was "To their mothers they sing "Stop Mithering!"

most parents imo, have some kind of ingrained sense of routine or order that considers staying up till dawn as something almost anathema, they cannot fathom it, and see it in only destructive concepts.
It certainly is destructive of normal routine, hard to get up at dawn, it becomes the crack of noon, and 2pm before one is properly awake, but by god the creative fires start burning by about midnight.

I personally feel that if i dont properly do something and the creativity or motivation starts flowing it is extremely difficult to get to sleep.

and that's right. I have started so i'll finish is the famous refrain for a reason. You keep going until its done to your satisfaction and then you can rest. Many a great book or painting would never have existed if the artist had clocked off

exactly, you cant just stop because its dark or its a late time. I mean you could have an idea that could make you a millionaire or make people lives better but that would be lost because you were told to go to bed

thats the first thing thats made me laugh all day, well put sir

its the way the "told"

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