Almost 5 am and I'm still awake just thinking
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You're not listening to Sinatra as well?

me too

me too..I am pondering important things

Yeah I never can have a clear relaxed mind

Me too, friends and other complications, seriously. Really hard to find a true friend these days that you could trust and who'd stay loyal. 😩

That's so true I have these 2 other friends who are just amazing and always support me but the other friends try's to come back just go mess up again

Depends how bad they mess up, if its to the point where you feel humiliated then they are no friend. You should cut them off COMPLETELY if you have any dignity and self respect.

Well this one goes behind my back and says things to this person I use to like and it made me and him stop talking and then she tries to turn the tables and say she's trying to help me but then judge me for the way I feel

Clearly that's no friend, cant you see that? She is toxic and will only be hazardous to your health the more keep dealing with her. You should not keep such people around you in your circle.....they will only bring you down than to elevate you.

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Thinking about...?

Thinking about...?

Have a discussion with your friend. Some drift is inevitable but it need not be complete. Uncomplicate the other stuff :)

I say it's complicated because it stuff that happened over the years and I can't even explain it lol

Complicated stuff having to do with this friend?

Nope ..... Well she's involved a little bit but it's not about her

My internet connection is giving me headaches, else could thrash this out with you.

No idea on the complicated stuff. Usually best to start with one and work on it.

True I mean I know the outcome and stuff it's just me holding on to things

Let go.

8 years isn't that easy to let go from

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thinking about ____________?

Friends and complications


A friend and I are drifting apart and some other stuff

I see. I can't be much of a help but if you need someone to talk to, we are here for you.

I am drifting away from a friend too.. It is sad but sometimes friends have to follow different paths and must part ways