hey message me I'm bored ✌️
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Me too

Welcome to the club I'll send u your usurers guid to insomnia and you badge that says "I don't sleep u do, don't **** me off"

I hate when people use actually disabilities and say stuff about other people who actually don't that immiture

i dont remember anything mentioned about baby sitting nose pickers ,rug rats, when i signed up for EP.....................x


Do people actually message people after posts like this on social networks. Normally I just continue down stalking people.

I have no idea

Have you got many messages?


well I do when I do but I ain't a stalker

Oh, me neither. I just ummm follow people, yeah.

mmm hmm

Nah. I don't really go on social networks much. This website is properly the only one I use.

oh ok

Yeah. Haven't touched facebook for like, around 3 years. I got better things to do. This is just a good website to actually talk to people.

people as in pervs right?

Nah, there are heaps of good people on here. I normally talk to people about music.

mostly pervs js

What is 'js'?

just sayin

ohhhh. Sorry I don't abbreviate much
You just gotta look in the right places.


What do you like doing?

trolling people


Music, that's about it.
I worked that one out, hehe.

yup just watchin people get mad full time job ✌️

haha, An enjoyable full time job.

yup defiently

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why can you just post something here

you can

i meant that other dude

he's mad about something but hey his problem not mine

wanna play a game?

what game

I write a word and you write another word ending with the letter of that word. sounds kinda boring now that I think about it but *shrugs*

sure I guess yolo

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