Help, I can never sleep! Someone have a conversation with me :)
limaha7 limaha7
22-25, F
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You need to visit a doctor. When he cant stand staying up late to ralk with you, it will be sure that he will give you the best medicine that makes you sleep.


expend some energy!


hey I'm in the same boat, just joined this to post about this really weird experience I'm having right now.

Works for me! I'm all ears if you have any stories to share :)

Hi limaha :)

Hi there, really long and complicated looking name :) ;)

Thank you! tsukiyomi is the god of the moon to the Japanese. How are you? What time is in your place now? Here in the Philippines, it's 5:13 PM.

Oh, I like that! I'm good. It is 2:13 in Washington State, USA!

That's a huge time difference XD Why can't you sleep limaha?

I took a nap earlier today, probably wasn't a good idea, but I was too exhausted to pass up the opportunity ;)

Yes! afternoon naps are really worth it. sometimes i go to work without sleeping limaha. i usually sleep in the afternoon :P

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Niquil sleep

Don't need drugs, I'll fall asleep eventually ;) thanks tho.

I would love to but I'm going to bed soon :/ I can next time though!! :)

Feel free to message me anytime :)