The Night Time Is The Right Time

I love the night .At night I am more artistic and witty , I must say .....I love

the quiet stillness of it . It opens me up and makes me alot more

daring .I come alive at night . And what is better than a midnight stroll

under the glowing moon with the breeze rufflling your hair and the music of the

crickets accompanying you . Then closing your eyes and taking a deep

cleansing breathe of the cool , fresh night air. Looking up at the bright

stars that are twinkling down at you . ahhh yes I love the night !


softkitti softkitti
22-25, F
4 Responses Jan 6, 2010

Fascade ..yes absolutely ...that line reminds me of the Patti laBelle song ... but to me every night has its own special quality<br />
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Alice ohhhh one of my friends has a beautiful poster in her room of I believe that Goddess ..Oh but yes I come alive at night ....<br />
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Ohh yes Percy is the perfect time for inner reflection and mediatation ...thank you all for the comments

I love the peace and silence, time to reflect time to change perspective

same here. i love the Night. plus my Goddess is Selene the Goddess of the Moon

Here's to good times. Tonight is kindof special.