Night Shopping

I love the night time taking the train and getting a milliseconds glance into the lives of people in their houses with the lights on. A snapshot of their lives!!

cosmicpete cosmicpete
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6 Responses Jan 8, 2010

butterflydreams....pity!!! but a good thing to do

Its always looks so cosy from the outside looking!

Elly, thanks for your comment. Very easy to glamorous or turn into a story what you see. Bit like that film!!

me too. i used to take walks and would look at the houses where lights were on inside and wonder what their lives were like.

I love it too. Don't get much of it in this city that never sleeps but there are glimpses of them and they all look so exotic, somehow :)

Aw! I love this too. I sometimes wander what they are talking about