My Secret Get Away

I love staying up late. 

I feel so tired during the day, but I always find it worth it.

See, in my house, theres this window that leads out onto a balcony-type place, but it's counted as a roof because it has no rail, but is so large (two rooms of my house fit beneath it) that I can stay in the middle and not be scared of falling.

At night, I like to go out on there and just look up at the stars and write. During the summer it's nicer, because I can go barefoot and I love the noises from bugs and it's just so peaceful, but it's cool in spring and fall too, although then I go out with a coat.

Night's just better for me, although I do like the day too... I usually end up really tired in the mornings, though. XD

TashiaGirl TashiaGirl
13-15, F
Mar 15, 2010