Time Alone

Ever since a young age i have stayed up late. My parents would go to bed around 10pm and i would be left if my room very awake.  So i filled the cracks in the door and put a dim light on. I would listen to the radio, draw things, read books. it was when i did most of my homework.  As i got older i found myself staying up later and later. Until ive come to the point now of any time between 1 and 5 am is my bedtime. Am not an insomniac and get at lest 6 hours sleep a night on average. The cool air inspires me and the silence is soothing to a busy mind. If i had a job which started in the early morning hours i would force myself to change , however would not like to do it very long.. TV is boring late at night so it makes it easier to do other things.. As long as i get to sleep before light im happy. Have sensitive eyes which will keep me awake if the daylight creeps up while im trying to get to sleep.

marcoise marcoise
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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

Yep . just deleted a comment.. Not interested in talking about sex AT all.. Its the last thing on my mind right now... Intelligent helpful or nice comments will do thanks!!!!