I always have a reoccurring thought pop in my head when I’m having a great or a bad time. “What’s the point?” No matter what I do or say, at best I’ll be dead and gone in 60 years. And soon after I’m dead everyone I know will also be dead. Time will continue and I won’t. Soon after my demise everything I’ve ever done won’t matter or be remembered. It doesn’t matter if I’m the biggest success or failure.

The more I think about this fact the harder it is for me to go about my daily routine. I still handle all of my responsibilities, but this thought pattern is distracting. There’s really no point in me continuing my life. But for some reason I keep going...
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This is why nihilists can sometimes turn to suicide. The positive sort of outlook is "If I'm going to die. I might as well enjoy the life I've got." And if you're an Athiest "I only have this life anyway."
I have a similar problem with the nihilistic mindset. I lack motivation in life and it's really getting me down. Sometimes I wish I could think materialistically like all the "normal" people, the zombies of the world. But then again, I'd much rather go through this thinking and be okay with it.

hello mate, yeah i have the same POV on nihilism and suicide, one day on my philosophical inquiries on google i found out about The absurd and absurdists which is the philosophical statement that says that \"the absurd\" is the clash between the inherent human search for a deeper meaning in life and existence and the universe not showing any such meaning.

To this \"absurd\" his proposer Albert Camus said to be 3 options:
1- to hold on to your beliefs or religion even if their were fake as long as they made you feel better
2- accept the meaningless of existence, everyday, and put your own meaning to it, your own goals not molded by others or society or
3-accept the absurd, the meaningless of existence and accep that \"life just doesnt worth the trouble\" if your going to die anyway and, kill yourself.

I thought about this for a long time and at the end i choose 2&3; im going to \"make my own meaning\" for existance, i will soon become an arrant traveler, looking for a forest suitable for survival were to meditate this questions without caring if i die out there, in the road or the wild; life doesnt have any meaning after all so what do we have to loose?.

i hope you analyze your life and existence deeper so you can find your real answer for what to REALLY do as a next step

ma brother from another mother!.<br />
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yes i been there recently, if im down or up i ask myself the same questions, better said, i say myself the same answers "there is no point", "just like the life of the dinosaurs that lasted 170 MILLION YEARS and or the stars, the planets, and the "the pillars of the creation" whose all life ended with no more than meaningless nonexistance ill go the same humble way".<br />
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thousands of people were murdered on the world war II and other similar events, those mothers, fathers, sons and animals just stopped existing with no main reason behind it.<br />
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Nowadays people get brainwashed by tv and hollywood about "everything happens for a reason! and "the happy ending", thats the biggest lie i heard, getting rich or succefull in life is not and "ending" and happyness is irrelevant to time and the universe. People would get how pointless their lives are if they stare at the deep, dark emptyness of the universe, seeing, analizing that immense sight, even on pictures is an eye opener experience.<br />
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like i said before, i use to get down very oftenly for biochemical reasons in my brain, but after seeing life and this so called excistance i deeply feel i have achieved a continuous state of zen, tranquility, in this state i feel i could be a hobbo sleeping under the highway or a millionaire sleeping on his mansion and still not feeling anymore different, good or bad, i lost my point i guess<br />
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Ma brother!