Hell Yes I'm a Ninja!!

ninjas are phenomenal. they are sneaky, and are all around...awesome.

i played a ninja in a movie once. and it was pretty much hilarious business. because he was a ninja in disguise...really he was a rather feminine british man, with a strong addiction to coffee. but he was an amazing ninja.



kkid kkid
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3 Responses Jun 25, 2007

ooh mannn. a ninja in a movie, and in real life??! i'm jealous. ;)

You were a ninja in a movie?!?! Haha!! How good is that?!? :D

Haha, nice :D . But sry, I am Teh ninja! =) Who climbs buildings, run on walls and jump off cliffs better than me? eeh :P<br />
... Nah, I'm sure you'd make a wonderful ninja! :D