Gaming Has Ruined My Life.

When i was younger i had many friends at school but as i got older i drifted away from them. I am addicted to gaming and have been since i was a kid, even to the point of it being the main cause of my lonely misserable life i live today. All i think about is playing games and nothing about living life, meeting people, getting a job, stuff that i should be thinking about. I am 30 next year and still i am living the same. I always new that 1 day reality would smack me right in the face, i just was't expecting it to happen late in my life. I want to work, i want to meet friends, i want a girlfriend, i want to get married and have kids of my own, i want to live life as it supossed to be so why can't i start doing it. My life is playing Video Games and i find it so hard to stop because i enjoy it so much but playing games all my life is not getting me anywhere. Gaming has ruined my life and i very much regret ever starting them in the 1st place. I am going out of my brain wondering what it is i can do to get started and somehow get out of this rut that i am in. I have no freinds, no goals, no qualifications and i am really getting scared for my future. If i could reach out and tell parents who have Kids and there heavily interested in playing Video games, i would say to them to get rid of the consoles and get them out living life and learning because it has happeed to me and it is a horrible feeling knowing you have nothing.
joycie83 joycie83
26-30, M
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

Well it's never too late to get out there and start living your life:)

I wouldn't be so sure. I used to be addicted to gaming and got out of it only to find it was already too late-while I was in my own little fantasy world, my reality had crumbled away to nothing. There's no life left for me to live.