Becoming Nomad, But Keeping My Roots.

At the age of 50, things shifted for me. Now, a year later, I have downsized and am preparing to live life as a minimalist and nomad. I don't think that one has to necessarily be poor and sit around doing nothing, gosh that would be boring. I have prepared my life so that I have a small income coming in passively, and I am going out there to live my dream, but still have my small living quarters to come back to, to recharge. The best of two worlds I guess. I am going to try home exchange. Just get out there and take photos, connect with friends I haven't met yet, and write stories. I don't think I have to be nomadic 100%, balance is better.
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2012

Update: I sold my house and possessions. All I own is in 4 boxes that fit into my car. No homebase, but homesick. Free as a bird, but disconnected??

Sounds like you have set yourself pretty well. I'm looking to find a "homebase" somewhere that I can have paid off which will allow me to travel If I want to without having to think of huge necessary monthly payments. Simplification has made so much more possible.