who was victimized by .....the Court system. I'm not sure how to start all of this ---there is A LOT!!!--my husband was arrested for domestic violence call made by neighbors ---(official arrest was for warrant,traffic violation) I went to my mothers house, a few towns away, after being released he convinced me to let him visit with our children-with his cousin -who was driving the car. my mom told me not to trust him at all, but i was unbelievably naive & gullible,i trusted him & allowed the two of them to come to visit on my mothers ranch in south  TX

the visit was odd but going good then he starts crying to the kids & i asked him to not do that so he asked the kids if they wanted to go to McDonald's, i went along,upon leaving the ranch i got out of her car to unlock the gate & she drove off with him & my children !! called the police made report was told to get a good lawyer they were helpless

devastamom devastamom
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Sorry to hear everything you have been through. I hope healing occurs quickly for you. Have you found for support. I highly recommend it.