Free Bellar

I haven't been to court, yet. We have had mediation and as of now I stick to the agreement I made with Isabella's father. Which is every other Sunday thru Tuesday. at the time i thought it was best for her to stay at her Grandmother's with her father while I was in a one bedroom apt just trying to get by. He had his mom for financial support and was watching Bella while the two of us worked. I couldn't find work where we were living so I moved back in with my parents and got into a serious committed relationship. Bella's father Immediately withheld visitation of Bella for one month. I went to the meeting place every other Sunday and even went as far as driving all the way back to the town where he lived three hours away. Called the police, no one could help me gain physical custody of our daughter. This was all a year ago. In the past year i have gone to two other mediations been active in asking for more visitation from her father and continue to show him and her that I am here and not going anywhere. She will be three in April. I am married now and have another daughter on the way in April 2010. Bella now shows signs of PAS ( parental alienating syndrome) She says that her step father is a "bad man" and has hit my belly and said "Bad Eva". I feel her father is consciously on unconsciously making her feel her life with me and her step father is a bad thing. I am a stay at home mother who has the time and want to be with her two daughters. He still lives with his mother who i feel enables him to come and go as he pleases and that she wants to be the "mother" to our daughter. She is providing for Bella not him, so why does he have Primary care?

I need to go to court, but financially it is straining. My husband and I don't want to have to go to a Judge to make this decision. Although it looks like we might not have any other option. 


I need support, Mothers who have been down this road. words of encouragement, knowledge and wisdom that I do not have right now.


I know our daughter needs her mom right now, i just wish her father would see that without having to fight it in court. :-(

elle2l elle2l
22-25, F
Feb 9, 2010