I Don't Need/want You to Like Me! I Like Me That's Good Enough.

I've been a non-conformist before I knew what the hell that was. To be a "true" non-conformist takes guts, heart, boldness, and leadership qualities you can't buy at some damn seminar. In my careful observation we are the true geniuses in this world. The followers even hate to follow, but they want to be accepted/liked. I can give a rat's *** about someone accepting me, hell I like my alone time, and I can roll solo anytime of the week. So, to all the *** kissers who appease people to keep their jobs, be liked by their neighbors, etc...I feel ****** up for you. You guys are the types who blow ya brains out because you can never truly be yourselves in every avenue of life.

SoFlyy SoFlyy
36-40, F
Feb 18, 2009