I Am A Non Demonational Christian

I have found that all denominational churches do not hold to the "whole truth" of Bibical doctrine.  I have visited numerous churches to find the true doctrine of Christ, that the Bible teaches..  I did not find a one!!!   I have heard people say that you must go to church if you are a Christian.  A true Christian does not find the truth in a building (church building) that preaches some truth and not the whole truth.  Denominations mean that God's word is divided.  We are to be of one doctrine as he taught.  We are to be UNITED in truth!!!!  Not just some of the truth.  We can't pick and choose a doctrine that we want to sit under.  I finally refused to attend any church where a group of people had their own beliefs but because they believe in the same Jesus and same God, they thought they were okay and were doing the right thing. I have learned more by staying home and really studying and searching God's words in order to find the WHOLE TRUTH and am so much happier and am more at peace.  I find myself witnessing to people and trying to teach them not to take some preachers word or follow MAN'S TRADITIONS , but to go to the Word themselves and ask God for understanding and wisdom of his word. God Bless Everyone who is searching for the truth!!
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greetings to you,

My english is not so good, but here is my site, where you, and other too, will find the God´s word today, for everyone, what I wrote, in the Lord Jesus Christ. Honor to him, and the Father Almighty forever, and ever. Amen.

Sincerely to you all

Mikko Ainasoja


very good 1searching. Believe in the bible. I believe in the church of Philadelphia. Any small gathering of believers that hold there own church. Jesus and his disciples did not hold church. They preached from the mountains, the hills, by the sea. People need to be very careful. The door to hell is wide and the door to heaven is very very narrow. There is only one way to tell the truth from those that deceive and you have found it. It is in the bible. It is your armor. God Bless

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I have been searching for the True Word, for so long in and out of different churches, denomination and non denomination. I thought I had found somewhere to settle as I have been visiting a nearby' born-again' church for over 7 months. However I do question the power of the holy spirit. Dont get me wrong - I have my faith and was baptised by water for my salvation through Jesus Christ. But I am in awe when there is healing of hands, or people go into a state of trance because they have been touched by the Pastor with the holy spirit. I pray and pray so that I am more open to this. I so want to learn more, and know Iam still a babe in christ. But how do you know or discern what is really true or just an act. I like you, feel safer by learning and reading the bible, pray and share my love for our God in private and with friends. I just wish I had faith in people to know that I am on the right path - may be I question my faith in God and maybe Iam not as strong a believer as I think.

Be very very careful. People that speak in tongues and healing of hands walk a fine line. You will have to pray hard. You must be able to determine if these people with the gifts are worthy. How they live and behave in the Lord. Again, the bible is your armor. It will teach you to determine if they are false profits or not. It will tell you what church is false or not.