Heaven Wont Be Segregated

I believe in one God...and I don't care what your religion calls him. As God says "I AM"...and I believe that. If by chance your God is not the same as my God, I still am not concerned because my God can kick your God's ***...and he will when it is time.

I believe that a belief in my God... my love for God, and my service to God dictates that I am supposed to love all my fellow men. Well, I don't. I try, but I just don't. That being said, I have searched a lot of religions looking for answers, and I have found a lot of religions that think they are the answer... so I got tired of looking. I will always believe in God, and I will on occassion seek education, companionship and entertainment in various houses of the Lord, but I will commit only to the Lord.
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1 Response May 19, 2012