But Isn't Hijab (shudder!) Sexist?

There are plenty of Muslims who will give you a resounding NO on that, and you can search them out on the 'Net.  But just let me quote from an article at http://nuseiba.wordpress.com/2009/03/23/why-feminists-need-to-start-lovin-the-hijab/ (Viewed 4/12/2009):

Gauri van Gulik from Human Rights Watch [writes:]

“... banning the headscarf is the worst possible policy response to the need to bring people into mainstream society. Our research showed that the ban serves to exclude, rather than include.”

“Gender equality and peaceful integration should be prime objectives for anyone concerned with public policy. These objectives are not met by excluding women who make a choice to cover their hair.”

[The above has sat in the "Forum" section of this Experience since it started, apparently unviewed. Since the effective forums seem to be the Stories and Comments thereon, I'm copying it to here.]

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Jul 29, 2011