Yeah There Is Equality But Whats Missing Is The Truth Feminism Was Hijacked

im 19 years old and when i heard the word feminist i thought of going and learning the meaning of it until i went to larning the history since im always curious about everything and i loved history especially from world wars and ancient artifacts..

the true and real feminist were from europe and america before 60's because thats when there was a serious inequality but now women do have their jobs in the west from plumbers, teachers, military and CEOs even elections ... but i still hear from them that women are being unequaly treated in the west still but if you look at the past people in England always loved and praised queen elizabeth and especially queen Victoria .. how come they were not kicked out ? oh and Queen Victoria was declared Queen when she was 11 years old !!!!

calling men evil and murderers look at how Queen bloody Mary and see why she's called bloody

both gender did something horrible and mean aswell as nice and merciful

i also noticed that besides saying they're under opression they also attack men asking them " how come you don't want to date us ? can't handle a real women ? "

how could they look at you without accusing them of perverts especially attacking the nice and friendly guys who try so hard to please you but u keep bashing their gender and when they leave and travel to another country in finding marriage not only you bash him you aswell insult the female aswell , walking up to other women and encouraging them to have relationships with other women , now first of all thats a teenage boy's behaviour when they take a girl to a scary movie and he acts like a man where the girl would hug him feeling secured

yeah that tactic was taken from them by some fems to lure other girls brainwahsing them and if a female does'nt follow she'll be treated badly and ofcourse when i female wants to do the things that she WANTS to do she'll be bashed by that new cult that hijacked true feminist which means equality and not empowerment

they were against **** but now they support it because it controls men

especially when they talk about the women in middle east and ask for donation for helping women there .... oh i could to you that none of the donation was sent there for help and i mean NONE
does anybody really know where did the donation money was sent ? .... yeah in THEIR bank account ofcourse

never trust anybody without looking into their backgrounds for example when a 30 sudanese woman said that they circumstize the boys aswell as the girls who are 3 years old and she went to the usa and said she's escaping from the cut , if you think about it and use your head she's 30 years old now and that already happened since its PART of their CULTURE

especially with this other girl who said she comes form a extremely poor family of 7 kids and her father wanted her to marry a middle upper class boy whose going to graduate from college

in a 3rd world country poor people would be happy if they get married to someone with wealth so they don't have to starve especially the girl can help feed the family but what she did was refuse and run away from hom saying she came to usa for freedom

im telling you this is total BS because 1 she needs a passport how could a poor person gets an civil ID and paying for the passport even the plane tickets and from middle east towards usa u need to land first in germany and then wait for your flight written in a forgein language meanwhile travelling to usa you need to speak a new forgein language which is english and studying languages takes you a very long time for an adult but as for kids who speak a new language is obvious of learning it in a better school which means there was money involved for payment fees

just to let you know you fool me once shame on you but fool me twice shame on me
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