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I have never smoked a cigarette in my whole life. I will never smoke one either. Like many other non-smokers I do not like to eat in a restaurant where there are smokers. Most restaurants anyways. If I am at a bowling alley, totally expect to smell smoke. At a bar,'s just part of being in a bar. The smell of cigarette smoke is part of the fun. It makes me think of having a good time. Of course after a good time I air out my car and ***** naked as soon as i get in the door. Clothes in the laundry and a long hot shower. But I've had fun.

Smell is a memory trigger. When I smell smoke I am oddly comforted at times. My dad always smoked. Pall Mall. It makes me think of home. I never noticed it until I moved away from my parents. Another memory certain cigarette smoke brings up is at the marriage counselors office. The first time my ex and I went to marriage counseling the counselor smoked. No not during the sessions but we would arrive about 10 minutes early and she was doing her notes in the back from the previous session. We would sit there awkwardly and he would complain about the smokey smell in between badgering me about how it was my fault we were there. i knew that for the next 45 minutes, i could say what i wanted and I was protected. Someone was on my side. When i finally left him one very stressful night i went to my parents. My brother, nephew and Dad all smoke outside but you can smell it when they come in. I was at home and protected during a scary time.

I don't like when ladies smoke and then spray perfume on themselves to cover it up. It just smells like stale smoke and perfume. There was a man I had a crush on that smoked and the way it mixed with his natural scent was strangely pleasant to me. Everyone around us commented and complained behind his back, but i never chimed in. I liked it. I liked him so much he could have smoked in my house. I imagined having sex with him and he would have a cigarette afterwards while we talked. Probably if I didn't think about other men so much I might still be married.

I really do not care for smokers first thing in the morning or when I have a cold. I am grateful that the trend is for people not to smoke in cars or homes. I also appreciate going most places where it is a smoke free zone. I do not care for that smell when I am trying to enjoy a nice dinner.

Honestly smoking is a terrible deadly habit. Second hand smoke exposes the people around you to dangers. Do not smoke around kids with asthma. If your child asthma STOP SMOKING NOW. I may not approve but I don't hate smokers in the least. This is a silly forum but I kinda get it.
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I had a boyfriend many years ago, he smoked. I remember entering the bedroom and he was not there, but the scent of his cigarettes filled the room. To me it smelled so sweet, the way cigarettes smell before you smoke them. That's when I knew the association of pleasant smells with cigarette smoke was all in my mind.

I like you. You are a breath of fresh air (hehheh) among non-smokers. At last, a non-smoker who doesn't act like one night in a smoking bar or bowling alley is going to kill them! You're great.

Ha ha ha. Thanks for the comment! Pretty funny a breath of fresh air. Strange name for a group but even stranger that I wrote a story about it. It's how I feel though. Okay i am serious about no smoking in the presence of a child with asthma. They have a really hard time breathing.