I'm Not One of 'them'......tg

They may be nice, but it's now how it seems. It feels way more like intolerance, control, and a bit of "I did it, you can too" so I'm better than you...

In any case, I quit smoking and I am ever so grateful that I am continuing to be successful. BUT, I do not think I am better than smokers nor do agree with the demonization of smokers.  In my State, it is pretty popular to ostracize those that smoke and to make their lives uncomfortable if at all possible..and YET, how we do love to add taxes and fees onto these nicotine addicts. Smokers pay for a lot of social programs that have nothing to do with smoking.

****** me off. You can't have it both ways...it's bad - don't do it AND please, keep puffing and paying


anyway, I feel your pain smokers. My defense was to quit, but that is really what it says, Quitting. Keep up the good fight and I will never be one of those that ask you to keep your smoke away...

Debra27 Debra27
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2 Responses Jul 4, 2009

First of all, congratulations on your success! I'm not a smoker, but my husband, mom, and a lot of other people I know are. I think that it's a bit scammy how cigarettes are cheap compared to the products designed to help smokers quit. I also don't believe non-smokers should dictate where smokers can smoke when it comes to outdoors.

WOW i need to quit~!