I Refuse To Allow Society To Control How I Express My Sexuality

So, I like the beautiful creation of the male human being. As well as the opposite sex. However I have been dating men for a couple of years and really have my mind wrapped around this being in the 'closet' thing. I opened up and informed my mother around eighteen years of age and although I was unafraid to express it to others I was conservative about it. Now I am twenty-seven and have assessed that the main reason we stay in the closet is to please other people's beliefs and actions, it sickens me, they should not have any right to dictate who I date or many other ways I live! I have dated a few guys who I have been publicly open with and it is great, I know I do have to be prepared to handle any situation though if something unexpected arises. It's too bad individuals cannot become more sophisticated; I don't think it's about beliefs and religion, it's a bit deeper than that....but this is the civilization that exists. I really wish more people wouldn't be in the 'closet', take control, it is your life, and your relationships are a significant aspect of it. I know this is just my perception and other people have other things that are at stake so....yeah I get it..
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Sorry people can be so hung up on religion and being brainwashed by just a manmade system for social control, even if it seems all important to someone brought up that way. Religions and religionists have caused more harm, war, guilt, hate and destruction than anything else. Just look at the world today, and all religions have always been like this, especially the big ones all murdering and killing and beheading in their day. On a personal basis, you will find that it is incompatible with your very natural sexual urges. Please try to get out and meet some men and see what life really can and should be like instead of suffering inside. Google bonobo monkeys and see why they are the most peaceful, contented and happiest primates. They are what gay men are trying to evolve our species into! I was so lucky to discover I was gay at age five and never ever regretted it. In fact, the psychoanalysts that my parents dragged me to pronounced me the most well adjusted homosexual they had ever encountered and they then took on the job of calming and teaching my parents that hetero, monogamy, and romantic ideals are not the only natural way. You do understand that marriage was invented by religionists for property and paternity rights, not LOVE! Even later romantics tried to sugarcoat it with all kinds of idealism, but for gay men, marriage and absolute monogamy are still intrinsically unnatural and we are meant to love more freely and thus make the world a better place. Make love, not war! That goes for countries and inside each of us too. I hope you find out what I am saying is true and the best for you, although you may have to get away from home first. If you have any questions or want to discuss very different experiences, please add me. Best to you.

Awesome writings. Good to read of someone who is straight-forward, real and doesn't act the part he's not. Too good. Planning on reading the rest of your writings, I really like them. :)

good on you! i'm not sure if i'm still in the closet or not because i don't really care. As for dating, all the guys i've talked to are in the closet so it was a secret relationship.

lol, if you don't care buddy, then you probably are not hiding lol!!Thanks for reading :)