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I am non-traditional because I do not speak the 'gay lingo', utilize my sexuality more than what it is; because it is one part of me and shouldn't be exerted ostentatiously, conceited, too concerned with sex,  and too concerned with superficial aspects of life.

Now I am astute that our culture doesn't always convey this; I also respect anyone the way they are. However I prefer to socialize with gay males who have other interests; deeper interests. Thanks and lets have fun gentlemen!

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This is a very healthy and balanced view of your s.e.x.uality. It is Rarely seen in the "gay community" .Excellent.

Hi there jp5040, thanks for the comment!

Keep looking up. You are such a good person!

Life has plenty of serendipity right around the corner if we are ready for some surprises.

Like my Maine Coon waking me up in the morning much earlier than I had hoped. Or my 10-year-old granddaughter in Germany calling me in the middle of the night because she forgot what time it was in California.

Lots of good thoughts your way from me.


Thanks for taking the time to respond, Tilly.

Dear Open Soul,

I live in Palm Springs and I have more than a few good friends and neighbors who are gay. I am a retired teacher, a somewhat conservative woman, even a grandmother of five!

I do appreciate the fact that you prefer not to be an extravert pertaining to the sexual aspects of your life. That very overt way some gay men have of behaving is what makes it hard to accept them. People love each other for who they are in their hearts and minds. The physical and sexual are really secondary, even though when we are younger, it doesn't always seem that way.

I had a brother who lived a gay lifestyle and who died of AIDS before he turned 40. It was a devastating blow to me when he died, a sadness that our whole family has never gotten over.

Please be careful and love yourself enough not to be someone who takes relationships lightly. It is wrong for both heterosexuals and homosexuals to devalue each other and abuse each other, and that kind of treatment leaves the other person empty inside.

My brother (who had been married and had a daughter) regretted his life in the gay community in the end. He felt that he had been abused and that he had also abused others. He had spent much of his life in and out of the clubs and never knew what it was he was truly searching for. In the end, he gave his life into the hands of the Lord, made peace with his wife and daughter, and died at peace with himself, with his family, and with God.

I accept you. You write as someone who feels things deeply and is searching for truth.

My best hopes for you. Tilly