First Time Posing Nude

I've entertained the idea of posing nude for years, but never took the plunge. Out of the blue, things just fell into place, and I found myself with an artist awaiting my arrival for a session of nude sketching the following evening.

I should point out that I am a nudist - I love being nude, and I am very comfortable being nude around others. This was different, though. I wasn't just going to be nude around a bunch of other nudies. This time, I was walking into a stranger's home studio, taking off my clothes, and posing in various positions while he scrutinized every inch of my body from 4 feet away, drawing what he saw. My heart was in my throat as I pulled up in front of his house, and walked to the door.

The evening before, I scoured the internet for ideas - how would I pose? I found a few ideas, and then came up with my own in front of the mirror. I arrived with a half-dozen poses that I felt would work well with the theme of his upcoming project. Poses I felt I could hold for 20 minutes (though I only held each for about a minute in practice).

Upon arriving, I had a chance to check out some of his other work, and also met his room mate, who would pop into the studio from time to time to check out the poses and the sketches.

OK, now it was time to disrobe. Off with the shirt, of with the shorts, and there I was naked.

I showed him a few poses that I had practiced, and he was immediately drawn to one of them. And so it began. About 5 minutes into the pose, I learned that holding a static position takes a lot of effort. Especially when the pose requires some strength to do. A 10-second foot-shake halfway through the pose was very welcome! 20 minutes or so later and the sketch was done. There I was - all of me on paper!!!

I had offered to let him photograph each of the poses and he took a handful at different angles following each sketch. In all, we did about a dozen poses, so there are now 60 or so naked pictures of me in the hands of someone I have only met once, and will most likely never see again. I figured he would use them while working on the final project, and his intentions were sincere.

We ended up doing 5 of the 6 poses I had invented the evening before. The rest of the poses were developed on the fly. Some felt very exposed but the sketches looked great! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos when he sends them over.

After the 2nd pose, I decided that I really enjoyed posing. So much so, that I asked him if he knew of any drawing or painting groups that could use a nude model. He mentioned a few, so I have sent out a few emails, and hopefully I will line up some work posing.
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today is a big day i cannot wait

Let me know how i goes

Just a quick follow up. I've posed for 5 or 6 artists since I posted this experience. It's been really fun. Usually every month or two, something comes along. I've also done a few outdoor photo shoots, and I've started an online portfolio of some of my work. If you are interested in seeing it, just ask and I'll give you the web address.