Friends’ Daughter Posed Nude

One of our friends is a very good painter who sells through a number of galleries around the country. When we go to her house every now and then, I will look into her studio and see what she is working on. Usually she does large abstracts, but sometimes she will do figure drawings.

Last week she was out of town for a couple of days and I agreed to pop in and feed the cat while she was gone. The second evening I meandered back to her studio to admire a large canvas when I happened to look over toward her desk. On it was a stack of black-and-white photographs that she like to work from. They are always of great quality because she is a skilled photographer as well.

Below five or six landscapes were several photographs of live models. I’ve seen these before in her studio – in fact, she will show them to me and we talk about them, but this time I was shocked to see that one of the models is the daughter of some friends of ours. The girl is about eighteen, I think, and has always been extremely shy. Because I knew her as a child I’ve never really thought much about her, but all of a sudden I realized that she is cute. Actually, very beautiful, as is her mother.

The first sheet of proofs showed her in progressive stages of disrobing, gradually becoming less self-conscious in front of the camera. Her typically apprehensive posture and expressions gave the images an illusion of chronicling her being forced to undress for this woman. I tried to pull away, but it was spellbinding seeing her adorable young figure in underwear.

By the fifth frame of the next sheet, she was standing in the middle of a room plainly naked and looking startled as if someone had walked in on her. In successive pictures, though, she seemed enigmatically resolved to the situation, and rather bold in those in which she knew her face would not appear. The camera relentlessly showed her from all angles – the pretty, almost child-like feet, longish legs, taut buttocks, nervous perspiration on the lovely back and small, pert breasts, hardly more than would fill my palm. The nipples were firm and the areolas a little large and darker than I might have expected, had I ever considered it. Below the bellybutton a light trail of down led to a closely cut shape barely obscuring the mound, betraying the soft warmth and smooth cleft. The artist knew how to pose a person to their advantage, allowing a skillful though unblinking tour of the subject’s body, and as well, she knew how to seduce a person to relax and make herself open, even defenseless. Indeed the photographs were never pornographic and I didn’t realize until later that evening how calmly I could study her body, even within the frames in which she was asked to kneel, breasts pointing downward and knees parted vulnerably such that her flower was made obvious. Instead of leering at a licentious display, it was like enjoying the beauty of a landscape or still life.

When I have an opportunity, I will see if she would like to use my wife as a model.
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I find artistic photography to be far more appealing than "pornographic" -- whatever that means. I was very pleased with our friend's photographs of my wife, taken last year. Interestingly, I was perfectly comfortable as Olivia moved around their house nude and when the photographer's husband would assist in positioning her.

After seeing if I had any reservations about the idea, Andrea has recently asked Olivia to pose with a man. I am encouraging her to do it and it looks as if it may happen.

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It must be nice to have an artist as a friend and now that you know more about her "subjects", it seems like a perfect fit to expose your wife too. Maybe you could paint us a picture with another story about your wife's pose:-) Thanks for sharing! dc

I have asked my friend about my wife modeling for her and she is very willing -- she's asked her, herself! I hope that it happens.<br />
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No, I haven't mentioned the photos to the girl's parents, nor will I, but it was a little bit thrilling seeing the girl a couple weekends ago. I have to admit, I think of her differently now.