Posing Nude For A Female Photographer

I had  answered an ad for needing a male  model at a local art school. The art student was a young female art student who said she needed a male body under a number of different lights and shades.After sending a number of previous modeling pictures, she said I would be a good  subject to photographed and arranged a time and meeting place.

The modeling session was at a local art school in a room with a number of backgrounds and strobe lights. After she set up her camera equipment, she asked me to undress. After undressing I posed against the back ground while she took a number  of pictures. She mentioned how difficult it was to get a good model to show up and who knew how to pose too.

One series of pictures involved having a samurai sword lying across my chest and lying on top of my penis.I am sure it looked good for art sake but was glad when having a sharp sword was removed from my body.

After 2 hours I  got dressed and the art student asked if I wanted to look at the pictures. So we went into another room and started viewing the pictures on a computer. Another art student came in the room and saw a picture showing  my back, butt and legs and asked, "Hey who is the hot guy with the great ***
The female art student was a little embarrassed by the cat call, but looked at me. The other girl relized, " I was the model in question and then asks, " How come you get to photographed a  hot guy nude and you did not let me watch the modeling session?" She was tossed out after saying that, but I told the art student I did not mind of you showed her the pictures you just took. 
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I remember the first time I posed nude for some pics I was so nervous this was the first time I had ever done anything like this it was around Christmas time and I wanted to make a special Christmas card for my wife I bought a lot of Christmas things to pose with teddy bears and very large Christmas bows the photographer was a woman but very professional about her job I started out posing in Christmas shorts a Santa hat and a Christmas neck tie she already had a Christmas tree soon the shorts were gone and I was posing with a Christmas bear to cover me up she took a lot of shots with a large Christmas bow in front of me I posed so that I never did show any thing but there was some shots from the side and some from the rear showing I truly was in the buff I wanted to keep it tasteful so I could show some of the pictures to people other Than my wife on Christmas Day she loved the Christmas card I gave her she loved the one with the bear in front of me I had such fun posing that day I now am a life drawing model and I still get nervous when I pose for class my wife passed away in April and I miss her very much I wish I could pose for her one last time LIFEDRAWING

I`m 51 yr old male living in Coshohocken PA. I`m interested in posing nude for you