Nude Model

I applied for a part time job as a life model for a art class,the instructor told me to stay in one class where another model was posing to see the different poses she was doing in the nude.Thhe first day Iwas posing in clothes,The next week I was asked to pose nude so I turned up at the art class early waiting for the instructer toarrive with 12 students 8 females 4 males.I took of all my clothes and did different poses for 2 hours,At one time my penis did get erect but the instructor said she did not mind as it was a natural thing to happen.I have posed naked for many art classes since and do enjoy being the only naked person in the room.I once posed nude with a female model we did a pose with my arms around her and my semi erect penis touching her lower belly
micheal20 micheal20
41-45, M
Jun 11, 2011