I Agreed To Model Nude And Be Painted For My Girlfreinds Modern Art Class At Uni.

about 3 months ago I agreed to be a model for my girlfriend Hannah's university project. She told me that she and her friend Holly were doing a model as canvass piece that would involve the model being painted head to toe with various imagery and popaganda and historical slogans. Seemed pretty cool and at first she told me I would be allowed to keep my boxers on. I thought it'd be fun to do and wanted to show I was being supportive.

The day finally cam and I arrived in the studio at 8am, Hannah and Holly were aready there when I arrived. Before starting Hannah showed me some of the art they wanted to paint on me which was pretty cool, I couldn't help notice though that in their sketches the guy was actually naked. Hannah told me whatever I was comfortable with was okay with her but said for the piece she would appreciate it if I could do it naked. I thought about it a bit but decided to go with the flow. Soon after another 2 models arrived and I was surprised to see they were both girls, I had no idea I would be the only guy. Hannah and Holly made us a cup of tea and sat us down to talk us through how the day was going to go, the painting would probably take about 3-4 hours then they would have some of the faculty come in and inspect us before finishing off taking photographs, The whole day should be done by around 2/3 o'clock. This was more news that I wasn't expecting, after assuming I was coming to stand in my underwear for my girlfreind and her mate now I found outĀ  I was going to be naked, with 2 naked girls, for a few hours with more people coming in to look at me!

It was now about 9am and me and the other 2 models began to undress, there was no separate area to do it in so we had to do it standing together in the corner of the room. I hesitated as long as I could but they seemed to take even longer, finally I decided to just to get it over with and pulled my jeans and underwear off in one go. I felt quite exposed at first but was happy that noneĀ  of the girls in the room gave any reaction at all, in fact they almost deliberately didn't look at me, this made it easier to be honest. I hovered around the room a bit before being attracted to one of the models Taylor who was taking her time over undressing. She was absolutely stunning, long curly brown hair, great figure short crop top and mini skirt on with a pair of red and black stripey tights on underneath. She took her skirt and tip off and stood around for a bit in her bra and tights, you could tell she was a bit embarrassed about it all and we all tried to to re assure her. She took her tights off and stood in her underwear, by this point I was trying to focus on reading a coour chart on the wall to keep my mind off getting an erection. Eventually she took her undies off and we were good to go.

At first they had us stand in a triangle facing away from each other, this was good as it meant I was not looking at 2 naked girls and could fix my eyes on something else. Hannah and Holly went around us at first with a paint gun and made all kinds of designs on our bodies, I felt great to be honest and Hannah spent most of her time working on me, later she told me she didn't want Holly touching me much whilst I was naked. I felt relaxed with Hannah doing this and we talked about general stuff, after a while I was so covered in paint I pretty much forgot I wa naked. Then she started to work on my penis, she held the tip and lifted it up whilst she sprayed the paint all around my genitals. This was surprisingly not as erotic as it sounds! After that embarrassment it was time to turn round which meant facing the 2 naked girls, it was cool though, by this point we were all so comfortable with each other and began talking about each others bodies and the artwork.

We finished off about 1130 and 4 members of the faculty were called in to critique us. Strangely this bit seemed quite sexy, the 3 of us were stood there naked while 3 women and one man peered thier eyes over every inch of us talking with Hannah and Holly about the work. I managed to keep focused, almost entranced and was able to stave off an erection again, not sure how much longer I was gonna hold though, and Hannah had clocked onto this before they came in. We did the photoshoot which went quite quickly then we were given towels and robes to cover up and get us to the showers. When I came back from the shower I grabbed Hannah and told her I had loved it and had found parts of it quite erotic and had struggled to stay soft t times, she laughed and thanked me for doing it, I don't think she knew I was being serious! A fantastic experience and one I would urge any guy to take given half a chance.
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Glad you seized the opportunity - hope she seized your opportunity that evening!

Jesus! Outstanding....if only.....