i modelled with another female model at the same time
it seemed strange to share the platform with another nude person
it was awkward at first but after awhile i didnt notice she was there and modelled like i always do
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I have model with a few different females. We were both there for the same purpose. It was a little strange sharing the platform but we worked out a plan of action and interacted with each other for the longer poses. I say everyone should try it sometime.

did you model earlier in your life? I model, even though I have a full time job

I have modeled off and on for almost 26 years. I started modeling for a single artist and then moved to small groups, After a few years I modeled for college classes and art organizations.. I worked full time while I did this. Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect

I have modeled several times before but not with another model. Wonder what that would be like.

It did so with another guy today. The artists loved it. And so did we.

and where are the photos ? :)

that's so hot and cool I know ur a lesbian but id love it if u added me please so we could chat

Thanks. Maybe I'll go back to the doctor I saw a few years ago with the intent of obtaining this letter of recommendation, instead of a prescription. Back then, he only prescribed a useless anti-depressant. Since that was ineffective, I went to a psychiatrist who wanted at least 5 interviews (at $150 apiece). Too expensive - I'll go back to the $20 psychologist.

hi<br />
<br />
nice job<br />
<br />
may i be ur friend?

that is because you are sure of yourself and your womanhood and did your job as any one else witha job would do praises to you well done......................

Well I give you props! Coz I think I would be self conscious and scuuuuuuureed! lol

lol thank u for sharing my friend and i was too the first time lol

i would never model naked!! i am wayy to selfconcious about my body to do that! Plus my parents would kill me! :D

thanks so much for your comment and its not for everyone

well we wouldnt want that so keep your clothes on lmao

have a wonderful nite

wow sweety you are something amazing you go girl

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Make that 2 my xena2,maybe I'll do one just for you!!.......Just look in the next National Geographic in the nude kitty section...CHEERS!!!

lmzo id be happy to pose for u kit kat please just keep witing your very inspiring

hey thanx for the comment love your writings<br />
hmm i think its probably too expensive for them at 50 bucks per hour

Oh. "1, please!"

Must have been twice as nice for the artists. Wonder why this isn't more common?