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I recently posted this story at under another experience group, but I think it belongs here as well. I've worked as a figure model for a couple of years now, posing for artists, art students, groups, classes, and photographers. It's a great way to earn some extra money, and I really enjoy what I do. Coming up with unique poses and working with creative people has allowed me to fill a creative void that I didn't know existed.

Last summer I received an email from an artist who was referred to me by an art instructor who's classes I have posed for in the past. He was throwing a party for fellow artists, their significant others, members of the art community, and some non-artist friends. He thought it would be great to have a nude model at the event as entertainment. He would encourage those who were interested to bring their sketch pads and pencils, charcoal, or pastels as I would be posing throughout the evening.

This sounded interesting, and as with any art session with a new art group, I arrived about 20 minutes before my first scheduled pose so I could change into my robe and get the details on how the session would unfold. I was to be available for posing for a period of 5 hours. The first half hour would include two 5 minute poses followed by a 20 minute pose. After that, I could take a break, then the rest of the evening would be less formal. I was expected to take requests from the party goers, with poses generally in the 15-20 minute range.

After dropping my robe I was to remain nude for the evening, mingling with the guests and posing as requested. If there were no requests for poses for more than 30-45 minutes, then the host would announce a pose, and those interested would gather round and sketch. This sounded like it would be a fun gig, but I as I changed into my robe and walked out into the great room, I was nearly as nervous as I was before my very first nude modeling session.

It was a very warm evening, and the party host had an incredible house. The party was an inside/outside party, with many of the guests out in the garden area by the pool. Just a rough guess put the number of guests at 50-60 with a mix of straight and gay couples, singles... basically the crowd you would typically see at a gallery opening. Dress was casual, and everyone seemed very friendly.

Being the only one in a robe, it was quite obvious that I would be the evenings entertainment, and as the host had asked earlier, I made my way out to the bar by the pool. On my way, I was greeted by many of the artists who thanked me for being a part of the evening. They were a very friendly and respectful group, which put my nerves at ease. I finally found the host who led me over to a statue in the garden. He asked me to pose alongside the statue for my first 30 minutes, then told me the drawing would start shortly.

I spent a few minutes looking at the statue, and came up with a series of poses that would incorporate the statue into the pose. Finally the time was near. It was just past 7pm, and the sun would be in the sky for this first series of poses, but at an angle that the light and shadows would be very cool. The host called out to gather the artists, who took their seats in the chairs that had been arranged in the area. In all, only about a dozen of the guests held sketch pads, while many of the others gathered around - drinks in hand - to watch both me and the artwork in progress.

Once ready, I untied my robe, slipped it off, and draped it over a chair, knowing I wouldn't need i again until midnight.

I took my first pose, leaning against the statue with my two hands. The sketching began, and the non-drawing crowd sounded genuinely interested in how the various artists were capturing my pose. Unfortunately, the pose had me in a position that did not allow me to see what the artists were doing.

The host let me know that he was ready for me to move on to another pose. This time, I lay back on the statue, facing the artists and the other guests. Once again, the artists began working - much like any other art group I have posed for - however, the difference was the presence of the other party guests. They watched me, while they moved around the pool area, looking at me and the art in progress. From time to time, I would see a camera phone come out and nap a photo of me and my likeness on paper.

Towards the end of the 5 minute pose, the host asked if I would mind holding this pose for a full 20 minutes. I agreed, since the pose was not very strenuous knowing I had a 5 hour stint ahead of me.

It was a very interesting setting, with most of those in attendance not interested in drawing, but very much intrigued by my nudity and the skill of the artists. As we went on, a few of the artists asked if we could make it a 30 minute pose, which I did. Once the time was up, the spectators clapped, and I had the chance to view the artwork. It was absolutely amazing to see what a dozen very skilled artists had created. All very different, yet each was fantastic.

I knew I had some time before my next pose, so I stashed my robe where I could find it at the end of the evening, and wandered nude through the crowd mingling with the guests. Thirty minutes went by amazingly fast, as there were lots of questions about nude modeling, asking if I also posed for photos, if I was embarrassed, and the like. Finally, an artist and his woman friend approached and requested a 20 minute pose. The woman, one of the spectators on the earlier poses, would be doing her first figure drawing with the help of her artist friend.

I struck a simple standing pose, and she began to draw. The artist was pointing at me and the paper while she appeared deep in concentration. Shortly, several other non-artists took seats and began drawing as the other artists moved around giving tips and pointers. It was really fun afterwards to see what they created.

By now, it was nearly dark, and the party had spread from the pool area into the house. I spent the evening meeting some very interesting people, discussing my travels, art, and modeling. Several of the women I spoke with were actually considering giving nude modeling a try after their experiences of the evening.

New guests would arrive and others would leave, which meant a steady flow of new creativity which was exciting for me, and being the only one nude at a clothed party felt quite natural. I posed for a few photographs with guests, posed for sketching, and even lined up new artists and photographers to work with in the coming months.

About 10pm, several of the artists asked if I would mind doing a pose of about 1 hour. I agreed, and sprawled out on a large cushioned sofa in the great room. One of the female guests sat, fully clothed, on the floor beside the sofa and faced me, placing her hand on my chest. I gave her some quick instruction in posing, then 4 or 5 artists pulled up chairs and began drawing.

With my posing partner in a room of friends, a handful of cameras came out to videotape the models as well as the artist’s work in progress. It was the first time one of my figure drawing sessions had been videotaped, and one of the guests posted a beautifully edited version of the (nsfw) video online later that week. Despite the need for several breaks, my posing partner did quite well, and at the end of the pose we received an applause which I’m sure was more for her than me. The artwork was absolutely amazing.

Just an hour remained before the gathering was scheduled to break up and the drawing portion of the evening had basically wound down. I met a few more interesting people, lined up an outdoor photo shoot for the following afternoon, and then posed for a group photo with the remaining artists and guests. As I went outside to retrieve my robe, it was still quite hot, so I dove into the pool for a little cool-off. As I dried off, the host had come outside and thanked me for making it a great evening. He also invited me back for another similar get together a few weeks later for the students in the art group he teaches and the other faculty.

This was probably the best modeling gig I have had the opportunity to be a part of. It was a very relaxed atmosphere, the true artists were very talented, and addition of non-artist guests gave it a spectator feel. Being nude for the entire evening was quite relaxing, and in a short period of time all of the guests seemed oblivious to my nudity which made me less of an attraction and allowed them to focus on the art being created.

The next get together was just as enjoyable.
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This is just a wonderful experience!! I am very envious --- wish I could have an experience like this - where do I sign up?
Thanks for sharing it.
Naked Sissy Stephie

Can't have much more fun with you clothes off than that...and you get paid for it too...as well as being the only person nude in a group of many people...what a hoot...I'd do it in a moment!