I am a nude and erotic model for If you want to see some of my work, just give me an add! Note that I am more Horny with girls than I am with men so... tough luck boys! If you want to see some more of my work, add me and Mail me... and we might get to see some more, and hopefully I'll get to see some of you too!
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addd me please

Add me will you? I love the x-art stuff; they truly have the best production values and it is always done classy. Where is it produced? I thought it was produced in London or maybe Prague?

add me ......please?

thanks for being open... and nice to us guys... I would love to see you in x-art.... really classy stuff also!

I would love to see more. Please add me

I would like to see some of your work. Please add me. Thank you.

Would love a add to see more

I'll send you sme pics of my naked wife if you'd like.

Of course I want to see your work! Please add me...

would still love to see you on please add me

Hello... :) I would love to see your work... I love bi-sexual girls... dated two so far. :) Alot more work... hehe ;) but a lot more funnn ! Adios...

Would love if you added me as a friend.

please add me i like 2 share ;)

I love X-Art and i may have seen you, add me plz.

i love!!! super classy... Would love to see you work

please give me an add your are soo hottttt

would like to see you work with pleasure. please add me.

Francesca.... beautiful name... beautiful woman!<br />

The moment I've finished reading about this...I was on this site checking those galleries of yours. Don't know why, but I guess you'll have the top commented photos, here on EP. And the profile photo is from "Francesca fishnets", right?! Love your work!

Thank you!! So sweet :)

Love X-art Hope you add me back

I would love to know more. X-art is doing fantastic.

wow - love to hear that...... you being into other girls - I miss out of course..... as a guy - but can understand totally. If I could be a girl , with another girl , I'd be willing for sure...Love your stories thanks ...

I also did modeling for art classes. That was about 20 years ago. I had a few embarrassing moments.

I hope so. I look at X-art almost everyday

You ever seen the model, "Francesca" before?

Maybe. I don't remember. I'll look her up tonight

Love x-Art

Oooo you might have seen some of my photo's already!