I Was A Model And Gave Nude Massage

At 18 I did some modelling nude for art classes and found it rather arousing to pose that way for men and women.
Often I would have to ********** after a session while picturing some of the students doing the same thing while thinking of me.

Also at that age I worked at a place where I did mutual massages with men using soap and water with us both nude. I would do his back side and then front, but avoid his genital area. Then he was allowed to massage my back and front, but were not supposed to let them finger me (although I did a few times). It was great getting my **** caressed so often because that is always an arousing thing for me. After that I would go to to massaging him for a bit before ******* him off.
I have always enjoyed seeing men shoot off so that was exciting for me. I always tried to take at least 5 minutes before he erupted. Some I let finish on my ****, and some I provided a body to body rub.
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None of those left in NH. Used to have one over the border called the danish health club which was a similiar establishment. Men would hang out in towels or in whirlpool and socialize with attendants. Then decide in lounge which attendant clad in a leotaard and heels would give you a private massage in one of the rooms. Wasn't as much of an exhibitionist back then so never tried just walking around in lounge nude. Wish I did back then. <br />
<br />
Have enjoyed the nude modeling as well as an exxhibitionist release.