Art College

When I was younger I modelled a few times for class. We sometimes used to do it to save the expense of a model and I enjoyed it. It was nice to see how people interpreted your body.
More recently a photographer friend has asked if I would model for artistic nude outdoor shots for his photography group.
I am thinking if I should do it or not.
Maybe fun?
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2 Responses Sep 7, 2012

I also did it when in college. I stopped by a female friend's place to visit one evening and she as working on a pencil sketch for her art class. She told me they were sketching a lot of nudes this term and she needed to get better at it. I volunteered to let her draw me. I posed for her that night and again the next. Then posed for her class, but didn't particularly care for the sterile atmosphere or the male instructor touching and moving my nude body parts around. I ended up posing outside in a woods for her and three of her female classmates. That was fun as they were fairly short poses. One of the gals ******** and posed with me for a while. After they were done sketching we had a fun party.

My two cents....if he is taking classy sensual photos go for it. Showing some skin but covering other parts leaves something to the imagination and tends to be more erotic and artistic. If he is just taking full out nudes then he is creating more or less *********** and I would pass. each is own.

In that case go for it! Sounds like you would have fun doing it.