Revealing Model

I recently revealed everything to a class on all 4'S head down scrotum hanging Could you do it?
mewal mewal
36-40, M
3 Responses Jan 26, 2013

Sure, have often done this pose. In many drawing classes, the instructor or monitor suggests the pose, so you really don't have a choice.

When I'm on fours with my knees apart, the artists can see my scrotum, part of my penis, and my anus. Depending upon how wide apart my legs are, my anus might be gaping open. I know this since I have seen drawings done by students.

Yes, I could (and do) pose in the way you describe. Generally speaking, life models have to pose in five basic ways – sitting, standing, lying, kneeling, and on all fours. Obviously, in the latter case, a male model’s scrotum (and possibly anus too) will be visible to any artist who is behind the model. I have been modelling since 2008, and have often posed on all fours. It is something that a model quickly gets used to, and takes in his stride; after all, most of the other ways of posing exhibit “private” parts of a male model’s anatomy, so posing on all fours is absolutely not a problem. Actually, I quite like it, because my body is being supported at four strong points, and thus there is relatively little muscle strain involved in posing this way.

Still find it embarrainng

Yep. Would do it tomorrow if asked. Being nude in front of others is a terriffic turn on for me.