Back On The Stand ( 2 )

I have continued to model for art classes at a local community college as well as a branch of a large state university. Last semester I got in about 12 hrs / wk modeling for 2 different instructors - only 1 this semester for 6 hrs/wk. It'll be late March before the community college needs me but I already have my schedule. I early March I'll be posing for a private class put on by a locally well known & talented sculptor - looking forward to that. If that goes well he indicated he'd use me for his unversity classes.

Working with different instructors gives me an insight into differing techniques & teaching methods. I'm learning a great deal. I have absolutely no talent as an artist - just look a myself (and my in-perfect 69 yr old body) as a resource for the students.

Interesting to see different reactions from the male vs female students - all in the 19 to 25 year old range. NONE of the guys draw any genitialia and they are all very quiet & reserved - no conversations whatsoever. The girls on the other hand have no problem with drawing all of me - a couple of them even added an inch or two to the genitals. The girls seem to have a different philosophy - while I'm on break - dressed in my rode - they are very open and willing for me to see their work. In addition, the guys seem to cut a lot more classes then the ladies. I asked one of the gals why this was & she guessed they were expecting some nubile female model - if they paid a lot of attention to a male model maybe they thought they'd be thought of as gay

All in all it has been a good experience - not going to get rich on the $ 12 or 13 / hr but it pays for my golf. Hope I can keep going until I'm 70 - this fall
PLawrence PLawrence
66-70, M
Feb 22, 2013