Helped A Friend

A friend of mine was staying with me. She models regularly for art classes. She woke on the saturday feeling really rough. She really didn't want to cancel on the class (cancelling means you get off peoples lists and lose future work). It was clear she was really unwell. I don't know why, but i suddenly said i'd do it for her.
Next thing i know i was stood in an art room in my dressing gown about to get naked in front of a whole room of strangers.
I loved it!
In fact i loved it so much i got myself booked for another class with that group and onto the lists for 2 other classes as well
lubielou lubielou
41-45, F
2 Responses Feb 28, 2013

Good for you!!! I guess that puts a real literal spin on the expression "giving the shirt off your back for a friend" lol!!

Enjoy it.