First Time

A few weeks ago my wife noticed a post on Facebook from a friend asking if anyone (all shapes and sizes) would be willing to pose nude for a sketching club just a short way out of our hometown. She mentioned this to me and a number of our friends who were present. Everyone chuckled nervously and a few of us said that we'd like to do it, but none were really serious...except for myself.

My wife contacted her friend and obtained the contact information for the principal artist of the group, and I sent her an email offering to pose for them. I assumed she would disregard the email, either because it wasn't a real thing or if it was they probably had enough models to fill their weekly meeting. I was surprised to receive a response within 24 hours! I was told that the group meets on Thursdays and they have had difficulties securing male models for their sketches. I told her I would be more than happy to model for them and the date and time were set.

The week leading up to the class had me in fits of nervousness. I am NOT a skinny person, I am six foot 4 and weigh about 250 pounds...and a lot of it in my belly. I was very concerned that I was not what they were looking for - and of course I was terrified of getting an erection during the setting and was convinced that I would probably have one when I actually took off my robe for the first time for them. I prayed that there would only be a few people there, etc. etc...

The day arrived and I drove out to the location - a very nice studio in an old-style downtown area. I sat in my car for a bit steeling myself for what was to come. I finally entered the studio and met the principal artist and she introduced me to the artists who were already there for the drawing. She told me that they all were excited about a new model and more because it was a male model. There were three artists already there, all men, and I was amazed at how quickly they got to work. I sat down (fully dressed) to talk with them and get comfortable and noticed that two of them were already sketching me sitting there! lol. (I'm not an artist...stick figures are about all I can manage).

The time came and I was shown to a back room where I was able to change into my robe, and I noticed quickly that my nerves were actually keeping me from that dreaded erection. I came out into the main studio area to see that five artists had arrived, three ladies (one grandmother type and two younger) and two more young men. We went through the poses they hoped for went the robe.

The freedom was amazing...they all were so focused on drawing me and the experience was so different from anything I had ever experienced. I went through three five minute standing poses using a broomstick to steady my arms, then a 30 minute sitting pose on a stool (I tried to be a bit modest at this point and was directed to sit comfortably the way I would at I "opened" up quite a bit and felt very exposed...if that makes sense). We finished up with an hour-long reclining pose where I was mostly on my side but propped up with pillows behind and under my head. I do believe I slept a bit during that part!

After the hour-long pose ended I dressed and viewed the artwork. I was amazed at everything I saw! I had never seen myself that way before, and I really felt a huge burst of self-confidence. That feeling was doubled when the principal artist asked if I could be a regular model for them - two weeks of me (one night a week) and then two weeks of their female model. I quickly agreed, knowing that this was a big help for them and also a very positive and affirming experience for me.

Who would have known??
houcuckcpl houcuckcpl
41-45, M
Mar 15, 2013