How To Get Started?

For whatever reason, I'm getting very interested in trying this. I have no modeling experience and, quite frankly, am not that attractive. Are there nude modeling opportunities for someone like me, and how do I find them?
HStoner HStoner
51-55, M
1 Response May 16, 2013

Contact your local college that offers art classes or art studio. They are always looking for models, especially good ones.
I've sketched all kinds of models. Faces are unimportant but figures are. I prefer models with curvy hips and some muscle tone. Breast size is unimportant. Being fit is more important than age. I go to exercise class with a woman in her 60's who is in incredible shape and wish she would model.

It isn't necessary to know how to pose, the artist will give you some direction if necessary. However, it is helpful because that gives you an idea of how long you will be able to hold a particular pose.