Female Nude Model In College

I took five college art classes. I volunteered and was selected to be a nude model in all my five classes. In two of the five classes, I was pregnant. That was a great hit for students as well as for me too. I spent a lot of time posing and sitting still. Many students asked for my autograph, on their painting, so I gladly signed them.

Also, while in college, I worked at a gentlemen's club, as one of the women on stage nude parading around while exciting all patrons. I made great money for my personal expenses while I had a fully paid college scholarship. I never dated any of the customers, got into prostitution, nor used any illegal drugs. I danced and that is all. My plate was full with undergraduate dual majors. I finished at the top of my classes and was rich too from being a nude dancer.
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Money aside, how did you enjoy your nude dancing experience?

*stands and applauds*

happy you played it safe and did not get mixed up in something bad.

I was very smart and had a life after dancing. I do not believe in all that bad criminal stuff.

that is good to hear. your body is valuable and must be treated with respect.

My wife and I both modeled when we were young. ***** wasn't so easy to get so we both made good money. Its so true- her pregnant phots were the most popular.

yes both genders love to see pregnant women. I love to pose when nude and pregnant.