Nude Modelling

When I was in my late teens, being an exhibitionist, I decided to dare myself to see how far I would go. I really fancied the idea of posing naked for a life modelling class. Being the only one in the room who was naked appealed to me no end. I had never done anything similar in the past and this fact made the idea even more attractive to me. So I telephoned a local college and asked to speak to the head of the art department.

I was told I could pose the following week, I remember thinking that was easy, the fact that it was quite a few years ago, I am sure had an effect, I am sure it wouldn't be so easy nowadays.

When the day came, I drove myself to the college, with a semi erect penis most of the way. I hadn't thought things through but the idea of getting an erection while I was posing naked in front of the whole art class, was scary but not entirely unwelcome. The idea of being naked in front of a group of strangers was attractive enough, if I got an erection it would only put the icing on the cake.

For some reason, I thought the art teacher was going to meet me in the car park. I waited for ages and when he did not turn up, I ventured inside the college and found one class room that seemed to have people in it, setting up for what appeared to be an art class. This must be the place I thought. I entered the room and the guy I assumed was the art teacher, looked at me, he looked confused at first but then, after a moment, I think the penny dropped.

After I had introduced myself, he beckoned me into a small room, next to the class room. As it was my first time, he said, I could keep my underpants on. This was not what I wanted, so I assured him I would be ok naked. So he asked me if I had brought a robe with me. I could have kicked myself as I had not. Damn, damn, damn. No problem he said you can use this. He handed me a leather coat, which he said I could wear as I walked to the podium.

The coat covered nothing but as I had come to show off my body, I didn't care, anyhow I only had it on for a matter of seconds, before I took it off and revealed all to the class.

There were about 30 people in the class, 20 women and 10 men. There was one older couple, probably in their 60s, who smiled at me and seemed to be trying to make me feel at ease. Most of the students in the class were in their 20s and two young girls who were obviously friends and probably the youngest, were in their late teens.

The first pose the art teacher put me into, was like the thinker but with my back towards the class. I assume the teacher was trying to get me used to the idea of being naked, by making me face a wall and not the class (yet).

After about 30 minutes or so the teacher called for a break. It was at this point that most models would probably put their robes on. But as I didn't have one and the leather coat looked silly, I remained naked. I walked around the room looking at the drawings that the students had produced. The fact that I was effectively 'mingling' with over 30 people who were fully dressed and I was completely naked was thrilling to say the least. The older couple came over to talk to me and I remember exchanging pleasantries with them and enjoying being the only one in the room who was naked.

When the break was over the teacher told me to sit on a sofa in the most comfortable position for me. I decided to sit at one end, with one leg lying straight along the entire length of the sofa and the other leg (or foot) on the floor. In other words, I was now facing the class and everyone in the room had a great view of my naked body, I was loving this. Now I was facing the class I could look at all the students and I noticed there were quite a few girls in the class, I was displaying myself to all and enjoying every moment. It was now that I felt a stirring, surely I wasn't going to get an erection now. The thought of it filled me with terror and excitement at the same time and the more I thought about my predicament, the more I lost control. My penis had risen.

There I was in front of 30 plus strangers, with a full blown erection. I closed my eyes occasionally to give the impression, that I was trying to control myself but in reality I was loving the fact that my erect penis was on display to all these people. There could not be anyone in the room who hadn't noticed my erection and thinking of this fact only served to make it harder. So for the next half an hour or so, I sat there with my manhood pointing towards the ceiling. Nobody mentioned it and as far as I could see all the students had drawn it in its flaccid state despite the fact that it had hardly been flaccid for the whole pose.

After the class still nobody mentioned my state, so probably to draw attention to it, I apologised to the teacher and all he said was no big deal and at his age (mid 30s) he would be proud of it.

Well, for me it was a 'big deal' and I enjoyed every second.
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Great story!
Thank you for sharing Dan.
I am nude figure model myself and thoroughly enjoy every erection I have while posing. Most of the time, the artists/students or bachelorette party attendants are OK with it. Only in few instances I got reprimanded or not asked back again.
Still, my memories of it will last and which I, to this day, still enjoy...

Very nice, that does sound like fun. Did you ever do it again?

Unfortunately not but being a confirmed exhibitionist, I have many other experiences, which in the future, I intend to write about.